Who we are ?
Maknom International Ltd, the leader in developing better Lifestyle. Founded in 2007, our company markets are its products especially in the field of alternative medicine. We offer product through our network independent sales representatives or so its call “ Network Marketing System ”. The Company is founded by Mr. Fakruddin Asif (Managing Director & CEO) along with group of networkers.
Our New Prime Executives
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Welcome to
"Maknom International Ltd"


Behalf of Maknom, We are very happy to congratulate our all new "Silver Executive"


01. Mr. Zahirul Islam (ebrzahir)

02. Mr. Rony Ahmed (ebrrony)

03. Mr. Ibrahim (ebrsun04)

04. Mr. Wahid Sumon (tarif24) 

05. Mr. Azharul Islam Shah (devine) 

06. Mr. Ibrahim Khan (khan824)  

07. Mr. Abdul Awal (sbmasud)  

08. Mr. Mamun Mojumdar (pinacl1)   

09. Mr. Azad Siddique (ebrazad) 

10. Mr. Hossain Ahmed (iqra02) 

11. Mr. Maruf Hossain (ebrmaruf)  

12. Mr. Abdul Hannan (hannan02)   

13. Mr. Jamil Siddique (ebrjamil)

14. Mr. Mir Uzzal (ebruzzal) 



Friday Special Events

From now & Onward every Friday Special "Presentation & Live Closing" Session will Held:


 on every FRIDAY at 11:00 am

Presentation & Live Closing


Mr. Fakruddin Asif




Welcome to
"Maknom International Ltd"

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